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The history of Mauritius was not the result of a wild love of pasture.

The history of Mauritius was not the result of a wild love of pasture.

The life of this bull, contrary to the laws of nature, was conceived in a laboratory in the United States.

Veterinary experts from that country chose Nobel, a great bull breed Braunvieh, and Andrea, a powerful cow, to be his parents and give their best genetic traits.

But they never met. With special equipment, a Nobel gouged semen and Andrea, several eggs. After much analysis, they joined in a box Petre and in that small place glass Mauritius fathered the embryo that was frozen with liquid nitrogen at about 190 degrees Celsius.

By a twist of fate, microscopic bull was sold for about $ 300 and in a special thermo came to rest on a plane to Colombia and then to the Quisqueya farm in the savannas of Restrepo (Meta).

A veterinarian thawed and introduced into the womb of a cow mestiza, who loaded nine months and gave birth on October 6, 2001.

Mauricio was weighed 33 kilos and Libra. His surrogate mother suckled him as his own and he accepted their care, no gringos miss their parents, in the hot farm where he began to live with about 500 animals.

He had a privileged diet. two kilos of concentrate daily ate, gave full mineralized salt and swallowed his braquiaria will, protein rich grass.

He received as a young child all the necessary vaccines, including the disease, they chopped off the horns, marked it with a tattoo on his ear and put a nose ring.

At eight months, after weaning, Mauritius was an imposing brown calf skin and 293 kilos of meat. The portrait seemed Barcino.

They followed caring like a jewel until it reached 15 months and faced the test of his manhood. They took sperm to analyze that did not have any disease and locked him in a corral with 20 cows.He rode one to seven times a day.

And realized it would be a great stallion, chosen to expand in the country this species, whose ancestors lived 2,000 years before Christ.

Since then, Mauricio works riding cows. And instead of traveling in a truck to the slaughterhouse it passes from fair to fair.

The bull has exhibited his muscles sansón in Puerto Lopez, Bucaramanga and Bogota, where he won in 2003 Agroexpo the award for best young bull race. luxury, contrary is given to breed bulls, applauded and live out these forays.

When you return to Quisqueya, he is dedicated to him. They put by seasons with 30 or 40 cows in a pasture. It is both his love for work one day he escaped from his paddock to pursue a heifer.

But not all children are the product of their love affairs. For his fame, like his father, he extracted his semen. You approach a cow and when he will ride him divert their member and take it to a plastic, hot vagina, where ejaculates deceived.

Sell his semen frozen in straws, to 12,000 pesos in the shop & Braunvieh Association Pardo Suizo in Bogota, from where thermoses filled at different parts of the country for artificial insemination.

Thanks to science, Mauritius has with cows not known about 300 children in Caqueta, the Coast, the Middle Magdalena and Santander.

That is the hard life of Mauritius, which already weighs 925 kilos, measuring almost three meters long and its back reaches a meter off the ground.

Earlier this month he was given a small license work and away from the cows to concentrate on a special competence.

In a corral, with concentrated food and silage corn was desestresó. Last week, in a comfortable truck, he traveled to Bogota, Agroexpo Fair, where he sleeps on a bed of hay.

Saturday was their day. He went on trial hairstyle track with bristle brushes horsehair; bathed in baby oil; with helmets painted with black spray and tail combed lacquer.

Just appeared with bright muscles like a bodybuilder, all eyes stole. His demeanor, his large feet, made the jury proclaimed him as a great champion, among all his race.

The new title will increase the prestige to Mauritius, which although is not for sale can cost more than 20 million pesos. He seems not to care much about his fame. His gaze is always calm and walk slow, like a prehistoric beast.

With his trophies, the champion will return this weekend to his farm to continue doing his duty: riding cows.

Although his talent can live another ten years, Mauritius not escape the fate of all of their species. And old will be taken in a truck to the slaughterhouse and become a delicious steak.

For more details, please visit mauritius villa rental.

This website features the ancestors and descendants of 
Peter Reinhart, born Aug. 22, 1787 in Niedernberg, Germany, and passed away on July 12, 1873 in New Riegel, Ohio.

Peter's great-grandson - my grandfather - Simon Reinhart
is pictured in the graphic above.

I began my genealogy work in 1997 while living in Germany.
These pages contain not just lists of names and dates...
but they also tell the compelling story of our ancestors, 
and the village from which they came from -

Our family history is like many others...  but unique in other ways. Using original photography, antique maps, and the dedicated research of several other Reinhart genealogists, this is our American story...   and perhaps it's yours too.

Click on the names below to learn more about some 
of the primary ancestors featured in this website.

Peter Reinhart


Maria Anna Hartlaub


Teresia Reinhart


Peter Reinhart, Jr.


John Karl Reinhart


Thomas Reinhart


Martin Reinhart


Joseph T. Reinhart


John A. Reinhart


Peter W. Reinhart


Henry Reinhart


Linus Reinhart


Theodore Reinhart


Simon Reinhart


Barbara Mary Reinhart


Lloyd Lafontaine


Christina Lafontaine


Eugene Reinhart


Linus Reinhart passed away on June 14, 2003.  
At 110 years old, he was the oldest man in Ohio 
and the second-oldest man in the United States.  

Click here to read more about his life...

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