The development of chemists is used to the needs of medicine since ancient times. Thus, the study of compounds of mercury and arsenic by Paracelsus formed the basis of iatrochemistry is the science of using certain chemical compounds for the treatment of diseases. The discovery of substances capable of destroying various microbes in the environment formed the basis.

Disinfection method

So, for disinfection of tissues during operations D. Lister used phenol solutions P. Koch solutions of chlorine mercury, and in 1909, Stretton discovered the disinfecting properties of solutions of iodine in alcohol.

  • Arsenic-based compounding, successfully carried out by P. Ehrlich, laid the foundation for chemotherapy is a method of treating any infectious, parasitic disease or malignant tumor (cancer) with the help of poisons or toxins.
  • Another important discovery of chemists for medicine was the synthesis of various sera, which allow them to develop immunity to a specific disease.


Chemical …


If your depression and anxiety episodes keep getting worse, one after the other, you can’t help but wonder if your habits or your environment has a role to play.

With all the devastating sadness that comes with clinical depression, it’s clear that our habits and the environment we surround and immerse ourselves in will affect our lives.

As a tax lawyer Toronto, it’s apparent that depression could rob you your energy, memory, happiness, concentration, and you could interest in your work and other things that meant the world to you. With that in mind and the fact that some habits worsen the condition, you may want to change your lifestyle.

Habits to boot out of your life include:

Being a couch potato

Even though being cooped up in a couch under the warm throws is the first thing that crosses your mind when you feel down, it turns out …




Not all women find shopping therapeutic.  In fact, some of the worst anxiety revolves around our need to go shopping for clothes.  There’s nothing to make your self esteem come crashing down like having to admit you must buy a larger sized garment, or you’re not leaving the store with anything that fits.  Regardless of why we must shop, the mere thought of being overwhelmed by choices, prices, sales staff and try-on rooms is enough to send us running back to the car empty handed.  For some women, their depression kicks in and their anxiety level skyrockets at the mere thought of undressing to try on new clothes.  The whole shopping experience so unnerved one woman she avoided it for years.  Only when her sister pointed out how often she repeatedly showed up in family photos wearing the same skirts and dresses for over a decade did she finally give …


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